Dive with us in the Red Sea of Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt, located at the marina of Na'ama Bay with a private house reef.

Free Guided snorkel tour of the house reef at 9:30 AM, and Free Try of Scuba at 11:30 AM daily. Both activities start on the beach in front of the Dive Center.

2 shore dives per day for certified divers. Meeting times at the dive center: 10:15 AM and 2:15 PM.

Night Dives every evening with min. 2 divers. (Night Dives by boat are offered with min. 6 divers.)

Weekly trips are organized to dive the SS Thistlegorm & Dunraven Wrecks, and to Dahab for diving the world famous Blue Hole & Canyon dive sites.

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Red Sea Scuba International Red Sea Scuba International, a division of Divers International Red Sea Group in Sharm el Sheikh Egypt, is located at the Lido Hotel & Eden Rock Hotel in Na'ama Bay.

is a subsidary of Divers International Red Sea Group, located at the marina of Na'ama Bay in Lido Hotel with private house reef in Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt.

Professional Level Courses - Go Pro

The professional level begins with the Rescue Course, which is the first course where you begin to focus on other divers. The Emergency First Response Course (EFR) is a prerequisite for the Recsue Course, or you can have equivalent training by the Red Cross or other organization that is valid within the last 2 years (24 months).

Once you have achieved the Rescue Certification and have 40 logged dives, you can enter the Dive Master Program, the first professional level. You must have 60 logged dives by the end of the Dive Master Course in order to apply for a PADI pro membership at the Dive Master level.

The next step is Open Water Scuba Instructor (OWSI), for which you must have 100 logged dives to enter an IDC (Instructor Development Course). It is also now required to be an EFR Instructor (EFRI) to become a PADI Instructor.

Check the IDC schedule and special offer on our Divers International site!

Due to the extensive training and duraton at the professional level, a pre-booking discount is not available, however we do make discounted packages that include the materials, which is decided on a case by case basis. We also have a special offer to take the EFRI + AI + OWSI all at the same time.

Below is the progression for the courses, along with the price for each course: (Please email us to ask about a customized package based on your individual needs.)

  • Emergency First Response - EFR (1 Day / Dry Course): 110€ *
  • Rescue Diver Course - RDC (3 Days): 320€ *
  • Dive Master Course - DMC (short 10-14 days): 750€ **
  • Dive Master Course - DMC (long 3-4 weeks): 950€ **
  • EFR Instructor Course - EFRI (1 Day / Dry Course): 350€ **
  • Assistant Instructor - AI (4 Days / PADI Standards): 600€ **
  • Open Water Scuba Instructor - OWSI (5 Days): 900€ **
  • Instructor Development Course - IDC is AI + OWSI (9 Days): 1299€ ***

Please email us if interested in courses for Instructor Specialties, MSDT (Master Scuba Diver Trainer), or IDC Staff.

* PADI manual and certification are not included, which cost 40€ for the manual and 35€ for the certification, total 75€ for each course. PADI requires each student to have their own manual for each course.

** Professional level programs do not have a certification fee, but they have a membership fee which includes a certification card. Also, the materials required for professional level programs are more extensive and require more than a manual. PADI demands each candidate to have their own set of materials, which can be purchased as a package in a PADI crewpak.

*** Before being certified as an Open Water Scuba Instructor, all candidates must pass a 2 day instructor examiniation (IE) conducted by a PADI examiner. PADI holds exams in Sharm el-Sheikh 5 times per year, and all IDC's are held just prior to a PADI exam, so that the IE is completed immediately after the course.

Required Course Materials for PADI Professional Memberships

Below are the pro-level membership courses with the related application & exam fees, along with the materials required for each course: (The prices are approximate due to exchange rate fluctuations.)

  • Dive Master (DM): 85€ membership fee + optional 35€ for DSD internship.
  • EFR Instructor (EFRI): 120€ membership fee.
  • Assistant Instructor (AI): 80€ membership fee.
  • Open Water Scuba Instructor (OWSI): 190€ membership fee.
  • IDC - PADI Instructor Exam (IE): 660€ exam fee, (applies to OWSI).

It is not necessary to pay the membership fees for both the AI and OWSI at an IDC, only the OWSI fee. The AI fee is paid only if you stop training at the AI level and want a membership & certificaiton card for this level.

Materials Required for Each Course

Dive Master (DM) Dive Master Manual (40€)
Encyclopedia of Recreational Diving (50€)
Workbook - Scuba Tune-Up (25€)
Instructor Manual (130€)
Dive Master Slates (35€)
DSD Cue Cards (15€)
DM Crewpak (265€ -includes all items above)
e-RDP ML (30€ -not included in any crewpaks)
EFR Instr. (EFRI) EFRI Guide- Prime / Secondary Care (PSC) (135€)
EFRI Guide- Care for Childen (CfC) (30€)
EFRI Guide- Defribulator (AED) (20€)
EFR Participant Pack with DVD (40€)
CfC Participant Pack with DVD (35€)
AED Participant Manual (15€)
EFR, CfC, & AED Exams (20€)
First Aid Pack (10€)
EFRI Crewpak (275€ -includes all items above)
Pocket Mask (30€ -not included in any crewpaks)
Asst. Instructor (AI) Instr. Manual + DM Course Materials (0€)
Instructor (OWSI) Instr. Manual + DM Course Materials (0€)
CD-ROM - Specialty Instructor Manual (240€)
Manual & CD-ROM - Guide to Teaching (215€)
Diving Knowledge Workbook (30€)
Confined & Open Water Slates (40€)
Confined Water Cue Cards (40€)
Open Water Cue Cards (35€)
Advanced, Rescue, & DM Cue Cards (135€)
PADI Quizzes and Exams (50€)
IDC Crewpak (675€ -includes all items above)

Special Offers on Professional Level Courses

Red Sea Scuba Intl. makes it easy and affordable to complete your professional level courses with our special packages and flexible time-line to complete your training. We also provide special discounts on packages for candidates training long-term who need to acquire logged dives necessay for their professional training.

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